The fundamental idea of the project was to create a soundtrack that formed the context, the inspirational atmosphere, for the elaboration of an animation that would stray outside the traditional boundaries of narrative. It was too stimulating an enterprise to pull off with any standard rendering of a written composition. This is why we chose to build the work using alternative compositional techniques tied to the extemporaneous creation of forms and elements – a method hewing more closely to contemporary styles of composition.We needed music that wouldn't just stay in the background. It needed to be rich in stimuli and in some way figurative. Sticking to the three-minute time limit for each recording was crucial. This allowed us to create a series of chronometric tracks that used varying techniques: parametric graphs to coordinate dynamics, materials and mood changes. We worked on creating contrast and on imitations of the different timbres among our instruments. We imagined dialogues and slowly passing landscapes, and we researched alternate manners of rhythm in an attempt to achieve a free improvisation unchained by rules.This is the fruit of our labor: an outtake of the most significant tracks to come out of our recording session, later filtered through the collective's animators. The collective itself later chose the track on which to build the animation.

Federico Eternosax alto

Saxophone and Clarinet player from Pistoia, Italy. 
Passing through many genres, from mainstream jazz, Free jazz and improvised music, choro and brasilian music, traditional jazz... in the last 10 years has played with bands and musicians such as C.M.A. (directed by Mirko Guerrini), New Music Observatory (conducted by Butch Morris), T.N.Trio (with J.P. Liguori e L.Innocenti), Mediterre, Swing of the Stoneage (with M.Papa), S.Pascarella, S.Schirru, M.Ganau, M.Benedetti, S.Tecla, P.Spitilli, V.Bartoli...

Simone Schirruguitar

Simone Schirru is a Guitar player, composer and Teacher.
He graduated in “Jazz Guitar” Academy of Music “G.P. da Palestrina” in Cagliari studying with M. Ferra. He joined the Master Classes led by D. Douglas, S. Coleman, Butch Morris, P. Metheny, A. Braxton, Muhal Richard Abrams, G. Fewell, Roscoe Mitchell, W. Leo Smith, etc.
In 2005 and 2008 won the Scholarship of the International Festival of Sant’anna Arresi as best guitar-player  and best Band studying with G. Fewell (Berklee College) and R. Cecchetto.
He played with “Guitto Gargle”, “Cuenta Contemporanea”, the solo project “Improsa Tongue”, “Ajo-jo mandi & the Youngers” in many festivals and prestigious places like: Ai Confini tra Sardegna e Jazz (IT), Salon De Musique (IT),Jazz in It (IT), Salon de musique en fete(IT), Udin&Jazz (IT), Salon de Musique Jazz (IT), Musica Sulle Bocche (IT), Jazzando, Musiche dal Mondo (IT), Les Arts Florissant del la Sardigne (Paris,FR), Open City (IT), Englewood Jazz Festival (Chicago,USA), EJE – European Jazz Expo, Jazzin’San Sperate (IT), Marina Caffe Noir (IT), Racconti D’Armenia (IT), Un isola in Festival (IT), Global Futur (IT), Fred Andreson’s Velvet Lounge (Chicago,USA), Chicago Cultural Center (Chicago,USA), Riff Festival (Jodhpur,India), IIT rendevuez Festival (Delhi, India), University of Mumbai (Bombay, India), Biella Jazz Club (IT).
He collaborated in a theatrical events and musical reading. Since 2005 he is a Jazz and Modern Guitar Teacher at a private and civic schools.
He’s performed with several musicians as
Sabir Mateen, David Cossin, Daniel Carter, Federico Ughi, Enzo Favata, U.T. Gandhi, Silvia Bolognesi, Piero Bittolo Bon, Francesca Cassio, Mohan Shyam Sharma, Ernest Dawkins, Rural Electrification Orchestra, Riccardo Pittau, Roberto Pellegrini, Massimo Tore, Sandro Fontoni, Alberto Fiori, Simone Sfameli, Antonio Fusco, Alessandra Cecala, Mattia Magatelli, Nicola Pedroni, Mario Ganau, Massimo Spano, Alessandro Coronas, Simone Bandino, Antonio Pinna, , Nicola Cossu, Andrea Granitzio, Emanuele Contis, Federico Vassallo, Michele Staino, Bernardo Guerra, Simone Graziano, Achille Succi, James Rotondi, Alessandro Angiolini, Roberto Migoni, Daniele Pasini, Matteo Marongiu and many others.

special guest

Manolo Cabras, double bass

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