Wednesday 6 February 2013

Exquisite Drowning is the result of a game set up by grownups - maybe - in need of a playground, of a private place to mess around with shapes, colors, sounds and motion, without the weight of a Story, a Style, a Coherence or a Sense.
The collective itself decided how it had to be played, whether or not with a theme, with some constrictions, or with some keywords to get a kind of final linearity. Eventually, the nonsense won. 
The only requirements, then, were following the soundtrack and achieving a flowing connection among the single parts, somehow. Sixteen animators have been working on a nine seconds' cut each, without knowing anything but the track, and only few frames of the previous or the following animation.
The goal of the whole project was, above all, to unleash thoughts and imagination, and then visually and technically try to solve these intricate nine seconds within very few constrictions, something that felt both exciting and difficult at the same time.
The result, once revealed, gave an impressive number of coincidences and tuned visions, and it felt as amazing as modeling a kite without having a clue it was a kite, and watching it take wing without having a clue it could fly.
We had fun doing it. We wish you'll enjoy watching it, whatever it is.